We have it very easy to get lost in the middle of all the series and movie options available at a single click away. Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar + … There are times when we take longer to select what we want to see than what we are going to see. Therefore, there are times when the use of applications that tell us what's new or websites that recommend series or movies is completely necessary. Time is finite and we don't want to waste it on selecting what we are going to see.


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In this way, Google, how could it be less, also wants to give you a hand so that the movie or series choice is much lighter. And, well, in passing also know a little more what cinema or series you like and, in this way, obtain data of your personality to refine more personalized advertising. Because this is not going to be free.

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To know if we have this new option available we have to put, in Google's search engine, both mobile and computer ‘a good series to watch’ or ‘a good movie to watch’ Then they will appear a series of cards, similar to those of your possible conquests in Tinder, Next we will be able to discriminate, or accept, the options that are shown to us, with a gesture of sliding to left or right according to whether you like it or not. If you do not want to evaluate the option shown to you, you must press the ‘Skip’ button identified with an ‘X’.

Specifically, if you swipe the card to the left side you will be indicating that you do not like the recommendation. On the contrary, if you swipe to the right you will be telling Google that you are delighted with it. In this way the system every time will further refine the recommendations. The problem comes at the moment when you are delimiting your tastes so much that they will depend on what an algorithm offers you based on them. And the amount of movies or series that you will be missing because the system believes that it will not be to your liking?

At the same time you mark a movie or series that you like, Google will inform you about in what streaming platform can you see her.

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