Google has decided to rename it Android… But why?

by Kelvin

Google has decided to make major changes to the nomenclature of new versions of its Android Operating System. But why? How important is the name of Android? In fact, Android called Q, Okra, Quinoa or just version 10 is unimportant to the average user.

After all, the features of Android 10 (Q) will be exactly the same! What makes us think… Why change now?

Therefore, Android Q has not changed anything from last week. It was just a name change. However, there is a whole team and strategy behind this little change… Which, apparently, had been being thought for a long time.


Android Q Developer Preview 4 now

Still remember Android Marshmallow? Or Android KitKat? It's been a tradition for Google to name the OS versions a funny candy. The idea has always been to make Android different, more fun at heart.

Being different from everyone else was part of the Android message! But things seem to have changed in recent years.

The reasons why Google renamed Android

Android Pie

Android Pie

Something is just something… Be it a dog, a smartphone or even an Operating System. However, naming something elevates it to a different level. That is, Google has always given a special name to versions of Android, to make it special.

In short, naming a product gives it some meaning! In the case of Android, individualizes each version, so that all software is something completely different for the user. (Android 7 seems to be more different than Android 6, etc…)

If Google's goal was to make Android more special, why this sudden change?

Google has decided to rename it Android… But why? 5

Google has decided to rename it Android… But why? 6Times change, sometimes quite quickly, especially in the world of technology. So while giving Google a more special feel for Android, the thing has kept going… But it seems that now it has become a bit of a nuisance.

The Android Operating System has been on the market for over 10 years. It is actually the most widely used mobile OS in the world. It is, at bottom, something super important to the market, and therefore, has many looks on top.

Therefore, it is no big news that Google is one of the companies with the most critics to the leg. What seems to be noticeable in the most recent ad, which said:

‚ÄúAs a global operating system (Android), it is important that these names are clear and make sense to everyone in the world.‚ÄĚ

That is, Google doesn't want to 'customize' Android, so it doesn't give the impression that it's giving certain markets primacy. Basically, it is not being more sympathetic to some than to others. After all… The names are often regional. And so, the research giant does not again risk being misunderstood.

A change that has been planned for a long time!

Google has decided to rename it Android… But why? 7

Google has decided to rename it Android… But why? 8

Google started preparing for this change a long time ago… But it was important to get the timing right. Since for many Android OS fans, the name of desserts was a funny thing to keep going.

By the way, as you may know, every time there is a release of a new Android. Users spend months speculating which dessert name to use.

That said, you can see that even in the most distant releases, Google has begun to give some priority to the number rather than the name.

First, the Jelly Bean and KitKat versions came with the name in the same sentence. However, as of version 5.0, you can see that Google has opted for ‚ÄúAndroid 5.0, Lillipop‚ÄĚ. In version 6.0, we can now read ‚ÄúAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow‚ÄĚ without the comma. A trend that continued until Android 8.0.

The Android Pie was like this, the beginning of the end!

Last year we saw the arrival of Android 9 Pie! That is, there was not even ‚Äė.0‚Äô. Which for many meant a readiness on Google's part for a big change.

What happened now, with the announcement of Android 10.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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