Google has discovered several errors in iOS and Apple has not yet solved all

by Kelvin
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Google has a team called ‘Project Zero’ that looks for security errors that can affect different operating systems and it seems that found up to 6 serious bugs on iOS and at least one of them remains unsolved by Apple.


Google security researchers have discovered six iOS vulnerabilities called llamadas zero interaction ’, errors that they can allow a hacker to take control of the device really easily, just by receiving and opening a message the device will be infected.

Five of the errors reported by this team have already been fixed in iOS 12.4, but Apple has not yet been able to completely solve the sixth error.


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iOS could still be vulnerable

As much as Apple strive for each update, these types of security errors are really hard to find. As reported ZDnet, a simple iMessage message could put our devices at risk and, although fortunately Apple You have quickly corrected these errors, there is one of them that has not yet been patched.

According to the report, four of the six security errors allow the execution of malicious code on an iOS device remotely, without the need for user interaction. All the hacker must do is send a message with the wrong format to the victim's phone, and the malicious code will be executed once the user opens and sees the received item.

On the other hand, mistakes five and six, allow an attacker to filter data from device memory and read files from a device, also without the need for the user to interact.


Apple tried to solve these errors in iOS 12.4, but it seems that Google can still run one of them. Details of the remaining five exploits will be shared at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week. Google always reports errors to different companies first to allow them to fix them before your team reveals the details.

For these types of reasons it is so important to update our devices every time Apple launches a new version of iOSThere are many errors that are solved silently and are essential to keep our data safe.