Google has found a fundamental way to make Google Play more secure

by Kelvin
Google has found a fundamental way to make Google Play more secure

For Android, updates, whatever they say, are not as important as iOS. In fact, even after the smartphone stops accepting new versions of the operating system, its support doesn't stop, because it still has free access to updates for most of the system's services and applications. As such, Google continues to maintain the relevance of the device, even three and five years ago. Of course, such updates don't usually add new features, but at least they let users not feel like the owner of an outdated, non-renewable device.


No more spy apps on Google Play

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In Android 11, the first test version released last night, a mechanism has emerged that limits the app's ability to collect device location data in the background. This innovation is systemic and will work regardless of how the software is loaded. But because this limitation is very important from the point of view of guaranteeing the user's safety, Google decides that it will introduce it everywhere. The only way to do this is to change Google Play's security policy, forcing developers to obtain permission for background activation of Google's geographic services.

What will change on Google Play

Google has found a fundamental way to make Google Play more secure 1

Google will decide for itself if the application requires geolocation in the background.

"A careful study of the function of determining the current location of most applications has shown that, as a general rule, they do not need the appropriate permission of users to work in the background. The problem is that there is no clear separation of access to current geolocation in the background and in active mode. But we want to make life easier for users by not forcing them to analyze for themselves whether the application requires background access to geolocation or not, "Google explained .

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It turns out that developers now, if they want their app to be able to activate the geolocation service in the background, will be asked to get approval, not from the users who most often don't pay attention to the privileges being distributed, but from Google. As a result, Google Play censors will decide whether the user's current location is worth working in the background. They will independently verify the functionality of the app, and based on that, either give you a chance or block it.

What application will have access to geolocation in the background?

When deciding, the sensor needs to answer the following question:

  • Does the background location feature provide value to users?
  • Do users expect the app to have access to their location in the background?
  • Does the background location deployment function serve the primary purpose of the app?
  • Is stable application operation possible without background access to locations?

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As a result, applications that provide user security and emergency contact services are more likely to have the right to access your current location. The same applies to social networks that use geolocation services to be able to share geographic locations with friends. But online store apps will most likely not have access to background locations, because there is no good reason to open the information.

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The new Google Play security policy will start on August 3 for all new applications and November 2 for applications that already exist in the previous directory. From this date, the developer must submit a special request to determine the user's location in the background, and if the sensor cannot find sufficient reason to fulfill the request, the appropriate tool should be abandoned. Otherwise, access to such programs will be closed on Google Play.

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