Google has found several bugs on iOS and Apple I have not finished everything

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Google has found several bugs on iOS and Apple I have not finished everything 1

Google has a team called 'Project Zero' that looks for security errors that can affect different operating systems and it seems so. find up to 6 fatal error on iOS and at least one of them remains unsolved Apple.

Google security researchers have discovered six iOS vulnerabilities called zero interaction calls, that bug. they can allow hackers to take control of the device very easilyOnly when receiving and opening messages will the device become infected.

Five of the bugs reported by this team have been fixed in iOS 12.4 but Apple unable to fully resolve the sixth error.

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iOS may still be vulnerable

A total of Apple Struggling for each update, this type of security bug is very difficult to find. As reported ZDnet, Simple iMessage messages can harm our device and although fortunately Apple You have quickly corrected this error, there is one of them that has not been patched.

According to the report, four out of six security errors Allows remote code execution on iOS devices, without the need for user interaction. What the hacker must do is send a message in the wrong format to the victim's cell phone, and the malicious code will be executed after the user opens and sees the received item.

On the other hand, mistakes five and six, Allows an attacker to filter data from device memory and read files from the device, also without the need for users to interact.

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the code

Apple Try to resolve this error in iOS 12.4, but it seems Google can still run one of them. Details of the remaining five exploits will be shared at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week. Google always reports errors to several companies first so they can fix it before their team reveals the details.

For reasons like this it is very important to update our device at any time Apple launch a new version of iOSThere are many errors that are resolved in secret and are very important to maintain the security of our data.

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