Google has released Android Q Beta 5. What's new?

by Kelvin
Google has released Android Q Beta 5. What's new?

On schedule, Google today released the next beta version of Android Q, which is already the fifth in line, and therefore received the name Beta 5. This is the penultimate beta version, and after the next one that will receive serial number 6, later in the 3rd quarter the final assembly of the new "green robot" will be released. Despite the fact that the beta program is already coming to an end, it still has several significant changes that are definitely worth talking about.


The problem with the Back gesture when swiping from the left edge of the screen is now resolved

Not again, but again. Google continues to customize and complement its navigation system with gestures. In Beta 3, we first met with a complete gesture control system, but, of course, there were problems, the main one being a gesture conflict Back with navigation menus in some applications. To solve the problem, in the fifth beta Google introduced a solution that changed the approach a little, thereby complicating the interaction with the interface. How specifically the new Google solution works, we described in a separate article.

You can now call the Assistant by swiping from the bottom corners of the screen

Also, the new beta has acquired a new way to call Google Assistant. Since there is no more button Home, which you could just hold for a while to call the Assistant, you can now access the latter by swiping from any of the lower corners of the screen. To make it easier for the user to navigate, Google added visual indicators in the form of thin arched stripes to these active corners. However, before the release of the final assembly, it can still change.

In third-party launchers, the gesture navigation system will not work

The last big change is related to third-party launchers. As you probably know, the gesture navigation system has not worked very well in them since it was introduced in Android Pie. Therefore, starting with the next beta version (Beta 6), Google will replace navigation using gestures with the old navigation with three buttons whenever a third-party launcher is used.

Google itself noted that it will deal with this problem in an update that will be released after the launch of the final version of Android Q. Thanks to it, users will be able to switch to gesture navigation on their own. Google has promised that it will work with device manufacturers to speed up the upgrade to Android Q on their devices.

In the end, users will be able to use gesture navigation in third-party launchers in Android Q, but with beta version 6 and, most likely, immediately after launching the final build, they will have to use an antediluvian three-button navigation system.

If you have a smartphone that is already registered in the Android Q beta program, you should receive an update to the fifth beta version by air.

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