Google Home: how to activate night mode to make the speaker quieter?

by Kelvin
Google Home: how to activate night mode to make the speaker quieter?

Google Home has a night mode designed to make the speaker more discreet and silent when you want to sleep. The option will automatically lower the volume of the voice assistant, reduce the brightness of the screen or LED lights, and disable any notifications. Best of all, you can even automatically schedule the activation of the mode in the Google Home app.


A modern Swiss army knife, Google Home allows you to listen to music (Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music …), to control your objects connected to the voice and to ask all sorts of questions. The speaker punctuates each of his interventions with a sound and a recognizable light.

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Google Home: here's how to activate night mode

At night, when silence prevails, these reactions quickly become annoying especially if your Google Home is sublimated with a touch screen, like the Nest Hub. Fortunately, it is possible to ask the speaker to remain discreet and do not illuminate your light room. To do this, simply activate the night mode directly in the Google Home app available on Android. We explain to you how to do it.

    Open the Google Home app on your Android smartphone or iPhoneGo to the Home sectionSelect your Google Home speakerPress the Settings icon (top right next to the three dots) In the Device Settings section, click Sleep ModeSelect the box Activate Night ModeYou can now schedule night mode activationChoose first a start time and an end timeThen select the days of the week when the mode should be activated

During the time periods indicated, the sound of your Google Home will be automatically reduced. Similarly, the notification LEDs and the screen light will be dimmed. That's it, you're ready to have a good night without the Google Assistant bothering you!