Google improves, and much, the management of your family from the assistant

by Kelvin

On September 3, Google will make the tenth version of Android official, which as we know will not have a sweet name. It seems that for that moment its developers are working at full speed updating applications with night mode and implementing new functions, as with the Google assistant.

This service is beginning to be updated for some users (it has not yet reached everyone even if we install the beta version of the app) with a new menu in which (finally!) We can tell the system who our family members are to be able to interact with voice commands, in addition to being able to put specific data on each one.


Until now we could establish relationships by talking with the assistant, but it didn't always work well.

New section Your people

With the new interface, we will have a section in which we can put each of the members of our family and tell Google what relationship they have with us. We can choose between more than two dozen options for each person.

In addition to that relationship we can put the birthday of each person and the home address. We can make our own group with our family or put them in the Others section, which is where Google will put those we continue to add through the voice interface.

As we said at the beginning, this update is already being sent to all users but it will take a few days in this deployment, and for now we do not know if it has left the United States. If you have not updated the application you can do it from the Play Store.

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