Google improves original reports in search results

Google improves original reports in search results

Today, Google announced that it would increase the original reports in its search rankings, something that apparently has not been done. As the company said, the original report "requires a lot of time, effort, and resources from the publisher"; After all, there are journalists to collect facts, examine the facts, and organize something meaningful with them.


But as is the case with the Internet, other sites will write their own stories about the same thing, usually linking to the original source as the source. Google says it will generally put the "latest and most complete" results first in the results, but now it will prioritize the original report, and that the report will look longer.

Google also introduced new guidelines for evaluators, more than 10,000 people who reviewed search engines. Evaluators will now be asked to use the highest rating for original reports, assuming the reports are investigative and provide information that cannot be found anywhere else. Evaluators can't actually change the results, but they help Google do a better job.

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