Google improves security: It will take longer to review new apps and games

by Kelvin
rodinna mediateka

The Play Store is an irreplaceable part of the Android operating system, giving users access to their preferred apps and games, as well as music and books.


However, malicious apps that may collect sensitive personal information, display disproportionately many ads, or otherwise endanger Android OS users may also be entering the Play Store.

Some incorrect applications even mimic the original titles with their appearance and characteristics, making them less favored. They are potentially harmful and not scarce, as shown by 2 years of research by experts from the University of Sydney and Data61.

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Google uses a system to control apps Play Protect. They will check applications before users download them to their devices. In addition, it also regularly checks the equipment in which they are installed. As has often been shown, the system is not quite perfect.

More rigorous control

With the new one, Google will take longer to approve new apps and games. This stems from the developers' contribution from Choice Of Games LLCnoticed by XDA authors. The review process for new apps will take a long time due to changes in the review process itself.

Google will explore new applications more closely to better protect users from unsafe and risky content. Only certain developers and companies will be affected by the new measures. Digital products from reputable developers should be approved faster or faster. in standard mode.

While any move towards better digital security is welcome, Choice of Games LLC developers warn that due to changes in the review process, they may have difficulty preparing and deploying releases of new applications and games over time.

The app can easily be published later than the authors have planned.