Google joined the celebrations of Friends – 09/20/2019

by Kelvin
Google joined the celebrations of Friends - 09/20/2019

This Sunday is the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the Friends series, one of the most emblematic and beloved comedies in the world of the series. Celebrations are taking place all over the world (even in Buenos Aires, until Sunday the public can enjoy “Warner Café” in Palermo and immerse themselves in the universe of the sitcom), and Google was not left out.

The search engine prepared several hidden surprises for fans. The famous easter eggss, a tradition for Google, they honor each of the famous characters: Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Monica and Joey.


The easter eggs Prepared for the occasion are small interactive elements that appear if you write the name of each of the characters in the Google search engine.

Once you do, when all the information is displayed on the right side of the screen you will find the name of the character and next to it there will be a very particular icon that when pressed, will lead you to surprise.

If you write Chandler bing (Matthew Perry) in your search engine, some elements will appear that will remind you of the episode "The One with a chick and a Duck", where Joey gives to Chandler a chick and then take a duck to the apartment. The easter egg it is activated by clicking on the recliner, so you can see how a chicken and a duck comes out on the screen

If you favorite character is Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), when you look for her name you will see the icon of a guitar, when you press it you will be able to listen to her classic song: "Smelly cat", which is complemented by the animation of a cat that walks around the screen.

For Ross Geller they chose the icon of a white armchair to remember the episode in which they try along with Rachel Climb an armchair down the stairs to the shout of "Pivot." When you press the icon the screen will turn back and forth and you will hear the voice of David Schwimmer giving directions to move the famous armchair.

One of the hobbies of Monica Geller It is cleanliness, this is why the search engine stressed that when looking for his name and press on the bucket icon next to his name a sponge will appear that will leave everything shiny and shiny.

"Joey does not share his food", is one of the phrases that says the voice of the character played by Matt LeBlanc if you look for the name of Joey Tribbiani in the search engine. If you click on it, a pizza will appear next to its name and if you press it you will be able to see a lot of food on your screen until Joey's hands take it.

He easter egg from Rachel Green He is the only one who has nothing compared to the other characters. Pressing the icon next to her name just directs the photographs of the classic hairstyles and the haircuts that actress Jennifer Anniston wore during the ten years that the series was on the air.

Another gift that Google wanted to give fans of the series is a glossary of terms and words typical of the slang of the sitcom, although it is only available in English. If you put “Friends Glossary” in your search engine, you can see terms like “trifle”, And explains that it was the failed English dessert Rachel made for Thanksgiving.

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