Google has announced the launch of a web version of your service YouTube Kids. The new platform has been released through the company's help forum and not on the blog of YouTube as usual.

Aimed at children under 13, parents can choose between three content options by age: preschool, for children under 4 years; young people, from 5 to 7 years old, or older, from 8 to 12 years old.

"Depending on the age level you select, the search results will also be limited to the content recommended for children in the preschool mode, younger or older," he says. YouTube, and adds:

Our systems work hard to exclude content that is not suitable for each of these age categories, but not all videos have been manually reviewed.

Additionally, it indicates that the web has the "Approved Content Only" option, in which children can only watch videos, channels or collections that parents have previously selected manually. "In this mode, children will not be able to search for videos," he clarifies.

The new website arrives after causing controversy for exposing minors to inappropriate content. For this reason, I had already implemented measures in the app YouTube Kids that limit exposure to inappropriate content.


However, the web version of the service arrives a week after it became known that the company reached a agreement with the Federal Trade Commission American (FTC). The FTC investigation concluded that Google violated the data privacy law for children, so it is expected that the launch of this website will be part of that agreement.

On the other hand, YouTube has caused controversy again by defending its refusal to eliminate conspiracy or violence video. In the words of its CEO, Susan Wojcicki, it is the price of staying as an "open" platform.