Google launches Play Pass, a 350 games subscription for Android

by Kelvin

Those of Mountain View have not wanted to miss the opportunity to launch their own video game subscription for Android, a proposal with which they intend to compete with Apple Arcadian. His name is Google Play Plass and is already available, so far, in the United States. However, the company promises that in the coming months will expand to other countries of the world.

Google Play Pass offers 350 games for $ 4.99 per month

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Google Play Pass offers access to a catalog of 350 mobile games, all free of ads and microtransactions. The service will be priced at $ 4.99 per month With a free 10-day trial. In addition, for a limited time those interested can pay a full year, leaving each month in $ 1.99. It is unknown if this offer will be made available in other territories.

Among the playable options, the presence of Stardew valley, Risk, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Monument Valley 2, Terraria Y Old Man’s Journey, to name a few. One of the characteristics that distinguishes Play Pass from Apple Arcade is that the first It will not only offer games, also productivity applications and other categories.

Google has highlighted the presence of AccuWeather, Photo Studio 2 and Pic Stitch. Of course, the main focus of the service will be mobile video games. Another important point to note is that games and applications will not be exclusive to Play Pass, so users can continue to purchase each proposal separately. In the case of Apple Arcade, its titles are exclusive and cannot be purchased individually.

Subscription games get rid of ads and microtransactions

If you already have a game that is now also included in Play Pass, your ads and microtransactions system will be completely removed when you subscribe. The subscription also can be shared with up to 5 family members. The administrator can manage parental controls to prevent minors from accessing titles inappropriate for their age.

In regards to the benefits of developers, Your earnings will depend on how much your proposals are played, although the operation of its algorithm is still not very clear. It will not be necessary to create two different applications or games, since the ads and shopping APIs within the app are ready to be deactivated when you hire Play Plass. While it is necessary to receive the invitation to belong to the service, Google will offer a form for those interested in participating.

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