Google manipulates what its employees eat and this is not bad

by Kelvin

Today, large companies clearly understand that, regardless of the activities they carry out, Your human resources are and always will be the most important.. Therefore, they must maintain good communication channels with employees, keep them happy, safe and, in addition, Healthy!

In Google they understand it perfectly, that's why they take several years. positively affects the food of all your employees, which is not exactly a few but hundreds of thousands.


The strategy Google uses to motivate better eating habits for its employees

Being a modern company, Google does not bet on imposing its vision on employees, but prefers to look for friendlier and, yes, very smart strategies. This is the most prominent, according to OneZero:

  • Google decided to hire Michiel Bakker, a well-known nutrition professional, who to date has taken over the company's food division.
  • Bakker's first assignment was redesigned the company cafeteria to make them more like a modern restaurant.
  • The employee's meal is ready where everyone can see it And it was made by a professional chef.
  • Another idea is philosophy. "Relaxed collision", or a regular collision, which consists of offering quality food for motivate employees to be in the office during lunch, which encourages interaction between staff.
  • A practical but very useful trick is to provide food during "self-service" and also space for the ration. The key is in reduce the amount of food they can put on a plate and offer greens and greens firstSo that when they get to desserts and unhealthy foods, they don't have much room to harass them anymore.
  • There are other tricks in snacks. Google has 1,450 micro kitchen for snacks, where the fruit is always in a space with greater lighting and accessibility, so that employees are always motivated to look for the closest and easiest option; fruit

Do you really influence the nutrition of your employees?

Google employees motivate better eating habits

Yes, the data speaks for itself. After 5 a year of hard work by Bakker and his team, it was concluded that only in offices located in New York, the consumption of salads for breakfast would change from 0 to more than 2300 every day.

The good news does not end there, they also report 85% increase in consumption of marine products unusual in American food, such as octopus, trout, scallops, or plaice.

But without having to look much, the clearest results of how effective this campaign has been reflected in increased water consumptionwhile soft drinks remain flat.

In addition to that, it is true that Google Not only are you concerned that your employees eat well but they are comfortable with their salary, with their workspace, and that positively influences the quality of their work and motivates them to be more proactive.

In fact, the "casual collision" strategy it not only promotes social interaction of employees at a superficial levelBut it creates the perfect conditions for them to feel more motivated and open to share ideas and projects that can have a positive impact on organizational development, which may be the key to making this company one of the most successful in the world.

Source | OneZero

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