Google Maps already allows you to combine routes with subway addresses with taxis and bikes 2It is one of the most useful services that exist from Google. Surely you guessed it. We are talking about Google Maps, A tool that over the years has been incorporating new features, until it becomes a very rich service, which helps us when we intend to go anywhere. Also when we are in trouble, in the heart of a great unknown city.


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The case is that the Google map service has just added a new functionality, which will allow users combine metro, taxi and bike services on their routes, A perfect option for those who travel through cities where the possibilities of moving are as varied as they are complex.

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Getting around a big city is not easy. As you know, you have different options, including (but not all of them), the subway, the bus, the tram, the bicycles, the cars, the taxis, and so on. Google Maps is a perfect tool to locate and find good solutions when moving from one place to another, but the truth is that The application does not always take into account all the options that exist In a big city.

In fact, sometimes just one means of transport is not enough. And to move from one end of the city to another, it is convenient to combine different types. With this new feature, Google Maps will offer users the possibility of trace routes taking into account other means of transport, such as the subway, the taxi or the bicycles.


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