Google Maps and Waze have news for iPhone (iOS 13)

by Kelvin
Google Maps

Now that Apple released iOS 13, there are many developers who are tweaking their applications to take advantage of the features of this operating system. Examples are Dark Mode and Siri integration. Of the most well-known applications, Pandora and Shazam stand out. In the case of these, the news were implemented even before iOS 13 was made available to the public. Today, there are two new applications that have also been tweaked. We talk specifically about Google Maps and Waze.

Google Maps and Waze have news for iPhone (iOS 13)

Both navigation applications have been updated to include Siri integration, as reported by 9to5mac. With the latest versions of Google Maps and Waze, iPhone users will be able to ask Siri to instruct them with either application. This undoubtedly works well and even helps to prevent accidents. We can fully interact with the application


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No matter what your main application for navigation is. You can now ask Siri on iPhone and CarPlay to take you to a particular destination using Google Maps or Waze. If you do not specify either of these two applications in the meantime when you order Siri, it will default to connecting Apple Maps

These changes have been added in the latest versions of these applications. So, upgrade now through the App Store.

Google Maps and Waze have news for iPhone (iOS 13) 2

In the meantime, and since we talked about Google Maps, please be aware that this app has received a feature on the Android operating system that will soon reach iOS. We speak specifically of the incognito mode.

In practice this allows you to look for directions to a place you don't want anyone to know you visited. By the way, those who have Android and are part of the test group have received an email from Google about it, reports the Android Police website.

If you are not or do not have an Android operating system, you will need to wait up to a few weeks for this feature to reach all users.

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