Google Maps combines different transports to give you the best route

by Kelvin
Google Maps combines different transports to give you the best route

Surely all of you have at some time used the Google Maps option that allows you to calculate a route using public transport. It has been especially useful for some time, especially in places where it is synchronized with municipal transport companies.

But this function was somewhat limited by not being able to mix various options. This is what Google has improved in the latest update of its guidance application.


Planning the trip from start to finish

With this modification of the route calculation, Google Maps allows us to take advantage of all the services and forms of transport to offer us the best. In this way, it combines walking routes with public vehicles, but now also with bicycles and shared cars.

And we don't have to do anything to activate it. As this update spreads, we can see how in the second tab of the route options, which corresponds to public transport, suggestions that combine bikes, buses, subway and also VTC car companies, such as Uber or Cabify, will appear.

In the event that the route includes one of these transports, we will be given the time it will take to arrive, the approximate price of the route and how is the traffic in the area, so that we choose with the greatest amount of data possible. Within the route we can choose the cheapest way to travel in these vehicles, or the one that suits us.

We remind you that next to the routes there is an icon that refers to the weather, so you know if it is a good idea to walk, by bike or if it is better to take a bus because it is going to rain.

This new way of calculating the routes will reach Android and iOS in the coming weeks and, as always, it will not be something that arrives in a unique way, but gradually, so some will have it active before others.

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