Google Maps improves Street View integration with an extra layer

by Kelvin
Google Maps mejora la integración de Street View con una capa extra

Street view It has been among us for many years. This Google service has been updated over time and now works in an incredible way. It has been available on desktop and also on mobile, although the latter system was not well implemented in the application. To show a street with Street View from the mobile it was necessary to know the hiding place of the function in the application of Google Maps. We talked in the past thanks to the new update that has come to Google Maps for Android. Now it is possible to visualize Street view with just one click on the screen.

One of the last Google Street View updates It left us with an improvement in navigation for touch screens. Now its use is much simpler on mobile devices, but it is not always easy to open it or find the function. Now things change radically, because Google has placed a layer dedicated exclusively to this section.


Google Street View already has a dedicated layer in Google Maps

The integration of this section in the desktop version has been very good and intuitive for years. We could not say the same of Street View for Android, because in many occasions the dedicated application or an exhaustive search of the function in the different interfaces of the application was needed.

Now Google Maps has been updated including Street view in a layer At this time you can open Google Maps, click on the layers icon and select Street View. These layers are the ones that show the relief, the traffic or the street map of the cities. With the new Street View layer you can focus on this function and place your eyes on any street or road that the Google car has passed.

The map is very interactive and very useful, because you can see all the underlined streets of the classic blue color that we see in the Street View interface. You can zoom on the map and navigate as you wish. Once you find the street you want to see you just have to click on it and Street View will take action.

It is one of the most interesting features that Google has implemented in recent months. It greatly simplifies the use of this so powerful tool that Google Maps has for navigation and discovery of places.

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