Google Maps integrates a new feature to help addicts

by Kelvin
Google Maps integra una nueva función para ayudar a personas adictas

Google Maps shows the world as an all-in-one for which the company of the great G has bet to the maximum since its inception. Google wants to make your navigation app a tool as utilitarian as possible to meet user expectations. Now, Google Maps has decided to bet on social purposes with a new functionality that could Help addicted people.

The report of works, Street View, the radars, the parking of bicycles … Google Maps has been renewed a lot over the last months, and many of its updates have to do with the acquisition of Waze by the Mountain View company. Now, the multinational has decided to take an interest in social purposes by integrating a tool that they mark the locations that people with some type of addiction can attend. We tell you all the details.


Google Maps brings its grain of sand

There are many people in the world with addictions. The greatest example of this is drugs and their consequences over the years. Everyone knows that this type of substance can end physically and psychologically with anyone, for this, they have been created recovery centers and meetings They can help you get out of these situations. Hereinafter, Google Maps will start showing this type of locations. At least this is confirmed by CNET with information that has gone around the world and where Google provides its grain of sand to help addicted people.

According to CNET data, Google will integrate a total of 83,000 recovery meetings located in more than 33,000 locations. Also, the navigation app has released another functionality that will show the Interested users where to find Naloxone. It is a medicine that usually treat possible cases of overdose in life or death. Now, when writing "Naloxona near me" or "Narcan near me" In the search bar, the app will take us to the nearest establishment where they sell that substance.

Google Maps integrates a new feature to help addicts 2

At the moment, this new functionality is only available in the United States and it cannot be confirmed if it will expand to the rest of the world. What is clear is that it seems an option that can help addicts recover.

Source | CNET

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