Google Maps integrates mixed routes to improve travel

by Kelvin
Google Maps integra las rutas mixtas para mejorar los viajes

Google Maps It has become one of those essential apps on every smartphone. We speak of a tool in which the company of the great G has focused all its efforts to make it the All in one of the navigation applications. On this occasion, Google Maps is renewed with a function very required by users throughout the last months: mixed routes

The new gestures to change accounts, the integration of Google Trips, the improvement of the interface, the information about the bikes … Many are the novelties that Google Maps has included over the last months, an application that is shown to the world as one of the most complete of today that is now renewed again with the integration of mixed routes We tell you all the details of this new functionality.


Google Maps expands the possibilities

The best way to make a trip would be to use a single transport that would take us along the fastest route. However, connections are not always as we would like, especially if you have to cross an ocean to reach our destination. This is where Google Maps comes in and some new mixed routes with which the app shows us each and every one of the transports that must be used to achieve our objective. Whether plane, bus, car or subway, Google Maps will serve users conscientiously to avoid any doubt.

The official Google Blog has shown a few hours ago all the details of some mixed routes that seek to improve the understanding of its users and all the steps to be taken to reach the different destinations. From now on, the maps app will offer all possible options regardless of the suggested route. To do this, just add the exact address of each location and the app will be the one that does all the work by showing a lot of new routes. This new feature adds shared transports like Uber or Lyft as well as combined trips between public transport and bicycles.

Google Maps integrates mixed routes to improve travel 2

In the same way, Google Maps can show everything related to the price of these transports and if there are possibilities of traffic on each route. When it comes to bicycles, the app will be based on routes adapted directly to these vehicles and the estimated arrival time of each of them. It should be noted that this new functionality will reach all users who have the following latest version of Google Maps, both on Android and iOS.

Source | Google Blog

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