Google Maps launches travel organizer and guide with augmented reality

by Kelvin

Google Maps It is already one of the fundamental applications for millions of users around the world. All the power that Google brings together in a map application that now opens a travel organizer and step by step guide with augmented reality.

If we are users of the Google ecosystem, we have surely realized the artificial intelligence with which the Californian company provides all its services. From the search engine to Google Photos algorithms, through the dozens of tools that the company has.


A travel organizer in the palm of your hand

For example, when we receive an email from an airline, Gmail tracks it and place an appointment on the calendar automatically with all the details of the flight: date, time, flight number and airport.

The same goes for hotel reservations. It uses the same system of acknowledgment of reservations in accommodation and also shows it in the calendar with your day of arrival, departure or the location of the hotel.

Image - Google Maps launches travel organizer and guide with augmented reality

Now, Google Maps will use all that information collected in our Gmail to recognize full trips. Inside the Google Maps application We will have a section called Reservations Where we will see our next destinations.

Organize all flight and hotel reservations to have all the details in one place. In addition, it will incorporate a direct button that will open the maps and provide us with the route to follow to go to the airport or the hotel.

As Google itself has published, This information will be accessible even when we do not have an Internet connection. In case we are in a foreign country and we do not have a contracted data rate.

Urban guide with augmented reality and share location history

One of the technologies in which Google is leading is augmented reality. Californians have been implementing tools such as ARCore and ARKit for many years to get the most out of this new way of seeing the world.

So if there are no unexpected delays, this week the beta of Live view it will extend beyond smartphones Pixel reaching all those iOS or Android devices with support for ARCore and ARKit.

Live View combines augmented reality with a 2D map to use to offer us a step-by-step guide in our daily walks. Very useful if we have trouble interpreting the information on a map or we want a more real experience.

Image - Google Maps launches travel organizer and guide with augmented reality

Google Maps also has news for the location history. Hereinafter, you can share it with your friends and family to remember all the places where you've been and don't miss a recommendation.

The travel organizer, the Live View and the share location history feature of Google Maps they'll be avalaible In the next weeks on Android In iOS we miss the latter and we will only have the travel organizer and the guide with augmented reality.

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