Google Maps now has a new design and shows more information

by Kelvin

Google Maps changed its design and added tools that help to have a better location.

Google Maps now has a new design and shows more information 3 Google Maps now has a new design and shows more information 4

Google Maps It is one of the most used applications by users around the world, to be able to be guided and located on different sides of the world.


Now the application launched an update in which you can see several changes in its platform, to achieve a better user experience.

One of the novelties is the incorporation of a drop-down menu that allows to obtain a greater amount of instructions on the route traveled.

Previously in the version of Google Maps Available for Android phones as an operating system, only the next indication was highlighted and the following one was shown in a green box.

Within the new drop-down menu you can observe all the instructions that the application provides to the driver to reach the selected destination.

It also allows you to select different route options before starting the trip. In this way we can see beforehand the possible paths and choose the one we think is most convenient.

This option of multiple routes is also active during the journey, having the possibility to change the path following the indications of Google Maps

In this new version of the application a change was made in the design of its usual navigation interface by adding smoother rounded edges. This helps to have a better location of options and menus.

The competition on the part of computer companies to try to develop the best applications in the market, became a vital point for them.

That is why in recent times Google has made updates on several of its applications, in order to keep its users and add more. For the renewal of Google Maps opinion polls were used that served as a basis to determine which characteristics to improve and which ones to maintain as they were.

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