Google Maps now offers itineraries combining self-service and VTC bicycles

by Kelvin
Google Maps now offers itineraries combining self-service and VTC bicycles

Google Maps now offers routes that include a self-service bike ride or VTC, Google ad. The mapping application is enriched by a "mixed transport" option. Users can now start a train ride, then continue aboard a VTC like Uber to complete their ride in a self-service bike.


"We're making it easy to combine transit routes with bike and ride options," says Google in a blog post dated Aug. 27. When looking for a train, subway or bus ride in the app, Google Maps will also offer mixed transport including a self-service bicycle phase or VTClike Uber or Lyft for example.

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Google Maps now displays routes that mix multiple modes of transport with bikes and VTC

In concrete terms, the option is very simple to use. Just search for a transit route in the app. In the midst of traditional trips, consisting only of a section by bus, train or metro, Maps will also show a route to travel partly by bike or in a car with driver.

Unsurprisingly, the application will offer an estimate of the price of the race. Maps also shows the estimated waiting time (to be confirmed via the VTC application) and the current traffic. For cycling parties, an ideal ride will allow you to easily connect your next train or bus. "All of this information is automatically incorporated into the total time of your trip and your expected arrival time," reassures Google.

This new feature is currently being deployed on Android and iOS for resident users in 30 different countries. As a reminder, Google regularly adds new options to its GPS application. A few weeks ago, a mode of navigation in augmented reality has notably appeared. Earlier, a speedometer enriched the car mode of Google Maps.