Google Maps releases a new layer of Street View, so you can use it

by Kelvin
Street View en Google Maps


Google Maps is the maps and directions app par excellence, we can hardly find an equal alternative in the Google store, and every day is better. It has now been updated on Android with the inclusion of a new layer with Google Maps Street View on Android, which makes this exploration easier.


A Google Maps that practically does anything, not only indications, but also allow to locate flight or hotel reservations that we already have made from our mobile.

Easily access Street View on Google Maps Android

The Google maps application has had the Street View function for years, which allows us to see in the first person the place that we are pointing at the map, although the way to access this view until now was quite unintuitive, and forced us to carry out several steps that are not necessary now, with the launch of the new Street View map layer, which takes us directly to this view anywhere on the map. For that, yes, it is necessary to have the beta version of Google Maps, which is where this novelty has come.

Street View in Google Maps

Specifically it is in version 10.24.2 where I have been able to try this new function, as we say, always within the Google Maps beta program. This new feature makes Street View much easier, since access to this view in any location is instantaneous. Now with this new update we just have to open Google Maps and on the map click on the map layers icon that we have in the upper right, in this way we can access the different layers that we can activate in the application.

Street View in Google Maps

Once inside we will see a new layer inside the «To explore»Which now contains the icon of «Street View», and that gives us direct access to this tool. Once we click, whatever map view we have, we will see the places we can visit with Street View highlighted in light blue. Now we just have to click on any of those places highlighted in this way on Google Maps, to access an instant Street View of that place. Therefore, as we say, access is instantaneous to this function from the new layer, saving a lot of time compared to the previous process.