Google Maps will display a route that combines public transportation, bicycles, and repeat trips.


Mobility in the main cities and in the metropolitan area has changed a lot in recent years. Google Maps they have successfully adapted to the new era and continue on the same path they will begin to see each other A combined route of public transport, bicycles and shared trips.

The current pace of life requires a lot to reduce as much travel time as possible. Using public transport may be a good idea, but it does not reach every corner of the city. And this is where the new function of Google Maps comes into play.


that a bike for simplicity and flexibility by leaving them right outside your home or workplace. Cast shared travel as a more economical and ecological alternative Rent a car with a traditional driver.

This form of shared travel will collect and leave users on the road without diverting the route, causing interference with the arrival time estimated by the application.

How can I choose to combine this method of transportation?

The operation is very simple. After setting the destination and choosing the combined transport (Mixed mode), Google Maps will start calculating the different available routes.

We will have the first classics to use the subway and buses, but then there will be The combined route will use traditional transportation methods with bike rentals and ridesharing services. available

In the app itself, it will give us a closed rate for services like Uber Pool (if available in the city) or Lyft, as we have seen in the examples provided by Google.

If instead of riding a bicycle we use a bicycle, we will see it Special route for cyclists. with all the data on traffic and the time necessary to better plan our trip.

Image: Google Maps will show a route that combines public transport, bicycles and shared trips

The application recently launched a new function where we can see combined routes with electric scooters for rent and all the details about the estimated price and the autonomy of the device.

The company has reported that this new feature will be used. in 30 countries in the coming weeks and available for iOS and Android.

Google Maps This is the advantage of maps and mobility applications. Very few alternatives have adapted to the new era and now with a new touch. combines public transport, bicycles and carpooling as the cheapest alternative in our daily trips.