Google Maps will get some important functionality it should already have

by Kelvin

Google has been betting heavily and ugly on Google Maps, adding a number of features in recent weeks. Where we can include AR navigation as well as an easier way to plan trips. (Using bikes, scooters and even Uber)

However, it seems that Google is not happy with the performance of your app yet! After all, you are currently adding something that you have actually been missing for a long time.


Street View has arrived on Google Maps (For now, Android version only)

So just coming to Android in an early version, which is actually the natural habitat of Google Maps, is Street View. If not, it is one of the best features of the PC version! Allowing you to view spaces you've never visited that are thousands of KMs away.

Despite Street View's popularity, Google has always had a lot of difficulties implementing the feature… So far!

True, there is a dedicated Street View app for functionality only. But it's clearly more convenient to have everything on Maps.

As you can see in the screenshot above, we can already find the functionality just below the ‘Explore’ category.

Click on Street View, and the map will immediately turn blue on all streets and areas that are part of the Google database. This is just like the PC app, however, you will have to Touchez the location you want to inspect, rather than dragging things around on the screen.

In short, functionality has begun to reach all smartphones Android, with the iOS version a little behind, but with release already planned.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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