Google Now Gives New Natural Sound Options

by Kelvin
Google Now Gives New Natural Sound Options

Available on Android devices and Google Home Google Now, simple to streamline your daily work and easily to get a convenient voice assistant can. Google, Home users addressing options and the Assistant more natural a speech tone.

Google Now Gives New Natural Sound Options 1

Google wants users of Google Home to have access to different Assistant voiceovers. in later times will be available. Assistant with new voiceovers more natural than ever Google will have a speech style, said that this is an important development for Home users.


New audio options German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, The English, British English and India English will be active. In Google's list Turkish regret that we have not seen the language. Outside these countries Stateside found users are already full eleven different sounds they had the opportunity to choose from.

Google Home Android platform it is not known at this time whether it is possible to jump. However, Android users much more much number If you think that, a similar situation for the Android platform can say that will edit.

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