Google patents a smart watch with a camera in the dial

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Google patents a smart watch with a camera in the dial

Last year, there were strong rumors that we would see a Google Pixel Watch along with the announcement of Google Pixel 3. However, we did not see any Google watches last year and we have not heard any rumors that suggest we will see this year.

The fact that there is no Google smartwatch on the way does not mean that Google is not thinking about it. A new set of patents shows that Google, at a minimum, is thinking about launching a smart watch at some point in the future.

Patents suggest that Google could put a camera under the screen or within a screen cutout, similar to what we saw recently in the smartphones from Samsung. The patent itself is titled «Camera Watch», which makes clear what Google has in mind.

Google patents a smart watch with a camera in the dial 1

A camera inside a watch face is something quite strange. If the camera is under the screen – a technology that we have barely seen so far – video calls can be made with the watch, taking selfies without taking out the phone or recording videos for social networks.

Another possibility is that the camera is integrated in a cutout, which would mean that the camera would always be visible when using the watch. This does not seem very good idea since the surface of the watch is already small enough to occupy it with a camera.

This patent is from 2017 (the confidentiality agreement expired on August 27, 2019), so it is difficult to know what Google had in mind and if its plans have since changed.

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