Google Phone: Everything you can do with your New APK

by Kelvin

An important complement to the “Google messages” application is undoubtedly found with “Google Phone”. Both tools belong to the same firm and we are the beneficiaries of each of its benefits. The last of them, I would be preparing big surprise as we have learned in different Android news the web.

In this Android news the web says, that the next version will leave the beta stage and it would be delivered officially to all who wish to employ it. If you want to enjoy each of its functions in advance, we recommend you download the APK of the Google phone from the link that we will mention a little later.


Google Phone: What are its best features?

First of all, you can download to the Google phone application from the Play Store through the box that we will place next. Additionally, we will share a third-party link that would help you have version 37 of this same tool. This means that you will need to download the APK to install it manually on the smartphone.

First of all, you should go to the settings area and check the box that would allow you to install applications outside the store. Among the many advantages is a very important one, which we share with the following capture.

Google phone

You will be able to observe, that within the application interface, You will have the possibility to see the registered phone calls To a specific contact. If you touch the “3 dots” icon in the upper right you can change the mode, to the chronological order of the calls. Another important change is found in the variation of the functions that we will obtain after touching a specific item.

Google phone

For example, if you touch a missed or received call You will see that in the new interface you only have options to add that number to your contacts, to send a message or simply to see its history. In the old interface there was the possibility of blocking that number or simply calling it spam. If you find unknown phone calls now, you can slide that item to the right to send it to the recycle bin.

Google phone

Unfortunately, you have to do this task independently. There is no possibility to select several phone calls from the history to delete them with one touch.

Google phone

Additionally, a small label will appear next to a phone number whose calls you could not answer. The message says "lost" and can be used to quickly locate those phone calls we could not answer.

The changes are very important although we must mention, that they are not as substantial as we would have expected. Like any update, in addition to the features mentioned above, there would also be a few additional ones that primarily involve safety and operational stability issues.

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