Google Photos already has Stories! They are called Memories and they will help you remember special moments

by Kelvin
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Stories fever doesn't stop. Now it is the turn of Google Photos that has added a kind of stories to its app called "Memories". This new feature presents us our old photos and videos in a format that looks a lot like the Stories of Instagram.

However, Google Photos Memories they are not at all equal to the typical Stories that we already know about Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Their goal is to make us remember special moments, so they work differently. Learn more about Google Photos Memories below.


How are the Google Photos Memories?

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Being memories, Google Memories are a kind of personal Stories. In fact, They are private and cannot be made public. In addition, they are generated automatically and you cannot choose which photos or videos will appear in the Memories.

These memories appear alone at the top of your gallery in Google Photos like little circles in the style of the Stories of Instagram. Of course, this function is beginning to be implemented, so you have to keep the application updated for the Memories to appear.

What photos and videos appear in Google Photos Memories?

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As mentioned, the selection of Memories is automatic. By pressing one of them you will see that they are photos or videos with at least 1 year old and that are saved in your Google Photos backup. Of course, the photos you will see in the Memoirs are the ones you took a day like today, but a year ago or more. Even so, you won't see all the photos or videos you've taken every day.

The app's algorithms will make a selection based on a wide variety of factors, as stated by David Lieb, product manager of Google Photos, to show you only the "best". In fact, users will be able to choose which periods of time or which people do not want to appear in their Memoirs. Even if you are one of those who do not like to remember, you can disable this function.

Google Photos will also take your photos to the physical format

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Another news announced is that we can now print our photos from Google Photos. The company announced that users can now order copies of photos, in 4 x 6 size, directly from the application, and pick them up the same day at more than 11,000 CVS and Walmart pharmacies. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for the United States.

Also, Google Photos at the end of 2019 You will receive a messenger app Messenger style, which will facilitate the exchange of photos and videos between users. What you can try now are the Memories that are already available in the Google Photos app for Android and iOS.

Source | Google Photos Blog

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