Google Photos began to test the function that allows you to color photos in black and white

by Kelvin
Google Photos began to test the function that allows you to color photos in black and white

A new feature is coming in Google Photos, it will allow us to color images that are in black and white.

Google Photos

A new series of functions are being tested in Google Photos among which we have a tool that allows us to color the photos in black and white and the function ‘memories’, which generates galleries similar to the Stories in order to recall previous photos.


In the latest version of the app Google Photos that we can find in the Play Store (4.23) there are a number of beta versions of tools that are in development. Being tests are not operational at the moment.

This function of coloring the images had already been advanced by Google in its I / O event in May 2018 and it was confirmed that they are testing the tool since they found in the code of the latest version of the app. The tool allows users to color photos, even those in black and white.

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Google Photos He is working to offer free storage tests for photos of Google One plans, which were announced by the company in May last year.

In addition, thanks to the code it is also expected that Google Photos will introduce a new function called "Memories", which will collect some images of old dates so we can "relive your best moments" or "rediscover this day", as stated in the code itself. "Memories" would present an interface similar to the Stories of Instagram o Snapchat where you can go back to the past with just a swipe of your finger.

Another function that appeared in the code of Google Photos It was the ability to manage the photo frame function of a smart screen directly from the application.

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