Google Photos can now read text in images: this is how it works

by Kelvin
Google Photos can now read text in images: this is how it works

A few hours ago we saw how to activate the albums of people in Google Photos and now the photographic application of Google returns to be news for a new functionality that has just acquired. Now you will have the ability to recognize text in the images we recorded.

The announcement made by the company informs that this functionality is being deployed automatically among all those who have the Google Photos application on their phone, whether it's an Android-based terminal or an iOS model or even the web application.


Google Photos recognizes text

The improvement is obvious and we can search and recognize text in images. In this way, when taking a photo, the app can also search for the text that appears in the images, be they words or phrases and offer a result of the searches in which they appear.

A functionality that will be useful both in photos we make with the mobile, as in others that we already have stored as well as in screenshots that we have made and that we have uploaded to Google Photos.


To take advantage of this function, you just have to choose the image we want to "study" and click on the "Lens" button to be able to mark and select the text we want in the photo. In this way we can find marks, passwords, annotations … any text that appears in an image and that will be framed in a gray shading.

Google Photos had the ability to recognize objects and people and thanks to GPS I could set the location of each image. Now, with the ability to recognize text, it becomes even a more complete application.

Source | 9to5Google

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