The Snapchat Stories They have changed the world of applications. The first application to copy, blatantly to Snapchat, was Facebook directly in the Stories of Instagram. Later, Facebook incorporated this format to all its other applications as Facebook or WhatsApp but it has not been the only company that has used this feature.


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Since Stories have one thing in common, highlighting content, they are valid for any application. Spotify also has its own Stories and it is now a Google application that joins this fashion, Google Photos. The difference of Google Photos Stories is that they acquire a name much more in line with what they represent, because they will be called Memories.

How are the Google Photos Memories?

Despite using a similar format, Google Photos Memories represent the same as many other galleries do. These Memories are nothing more than a series of photos and videos in vertical format selected from your Google Photos. An algorithm with Artificial Intelligence will be in charge of searching through your photos to show you the ones that you think are most important to you.

All these photos will be updated every certain time to leave showing different places or moments. There are no more requirements for the Memoirs. It will be enough to click on each of these Memories (directly in each bubble) and these will open in full screen and play (if they are videos). The user does not have to do anything else. Despite the fact that over time they will be erased and disappeared to give rise to new ones, all Memories will always remain in Google Photos.

How to activate the Memories in Google Photos?

The new Google Photos Memories are now available in the Android platform application, although they are being activated progressively through the server. Therefore, all you need is to wait for them to appear.

What more changes have come to the application?

This has not been the only novelty that has reached Google Photos in the latest version. The application has also created a side space where you can go to print photos. This space will be thinking to improve the share (or file sharing). They have even commented that they will create a messenger in the application that will facilitate the sending of photos and videos, hopefully it does not end up like that of YouTube, which lasted very little time. This feature is expected to be available later this year.

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