Google Photos learns to read and is able to search for texts

by Kelvin

We have already mentioned on several occasions how much we love Google Photos. Far from being a gallery application, Google often adds new features that make it worthwhile. The last one is impressive, and further enhances the capabilities of the platform.

Google Photos is already able to find texts in your photos

Google Photos was conceived as an application focused on the storage of our entire digital gallery. This was achieved by Google offering high quality storage, free and unlimited. Once that goal has been achieved, with such a large image bank certain innovations were required. Because there is nothing more frustrating than find a needle in a haystack.


Based on artificial intelligence, Google has made it possible for the search engine to identify what is in each photograph. If in the search box we type car, photographs that we have uploaded in which there are cars will appear. The same with food, beach, dogs or anything you can think of. Even recently, the tool that self-labels people as categories has arrived in Europe.

However, there is always room for improvement, and because of that we find the latest news That has reached the application. From now on, Google Photos knows how to search for texts in our photographs, and it does very well.

If you have updated the application, just type in the search box the text you want to search and images will appear in which the text appears.

Once found, if we press the Google Lens button we can do things as simple as selecting that text and copying it, searching the Internet or translating directly with the translator.

It should be noted that the text search is not yet sufficiently polished, and on some occasions we have encountered text that, although Lens was able to identify, the search was not. It will be a matter of time before Google Photos learns to read with total precision.

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