Google Photos now has stories to highlight your best moments

by Kelvin

Google Photos has got on the story train in its last update. And is that Mountain View have added "Memoirs", a section located at the top that will show your best pictures of special occasions, such as birthdays, trips, among others. Previously, this space was dedicated to highlighting old images as a recount of what was experienced in previous years.

However, "Memories" groups several photographs or videos in the same circle; Clicking on one of them will display all its content. Yes, Google will be responsible for creating the gallery with the help of its selection algorithm, so not all your images will appear highlighted. According to David Lieb, product manager of Google Photos, they will take into account various parameters so that each memory is different.


The company is aware that this proposal will probably not be liked by all users, so they will offer the option of hide memories of certain dates or disappear completely from the interface. In fact, it is also possible hide them when certain people appear "Goodbye to memories with your ex-partner."

Google promises that in the coming months will add the option to share stories with friends and family, because at this time its display is completely private for the user. His plan is to integrate this functionality into the Android Messages app, although for now they did not reveal a tentative release date.

It was not the only novelty presented today. Those interested may request the printing of your photos to receive them in your home. If the buyer prefers to pick them up at an establishment, he can go to the selected branches of Walmart or CVS Pharmacy, companies that have partnered with Google. Unfortunately, this initiative will only be available, so far, in the United States