Google Photos: order a printed photo album and receive it the same day, it's soon possible

by Kelvin
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The Google Photos app has added new features over the months and it's not for nothing that it's one of the most popular apps in its class. Soon you will be able to order an album or photo book printed from the app and receive it the same day.


our smartphones now allow you to take pictures of a quality that rivals that of cameras. They can also store thousands of images locally or in the cloud so as not to risk losing them. But nothing beats a paper album for memories. You are the kind to immortalize your holiday photos in a photo book? Google offers a service directly integrated with its Google Photos app.

It allows to order an album / paper book of your photos and to be delivered at home. This service has been available in France since 2018. Soon, Google will go even further by offering printing the same day against 4 to 10 days currently.

Google Photos will allow you to take photos and print them on the same day

With Google Photos, get Photo Books from your personal albums is a breeze. Just go to the tab Assistant> Photo Book then press Start a photo book with the ability to select 20 to 100 photos in the gallery. By digging into the code of Google Photos 4.24 (APK), the 9to5Google site has identified upcoming changes that will make the service even faster.

Users who order a photo album can be delivered in the same day. No need to wait 7 to 10 days for economy delivery (€ 5.99) or 4 to 7 days for priority delivery (€ 13.99) currently. This rate does not include the service itself which is charged at € 12.99 for a 20-page album in 7 "format with a soft cover or € 22.99 for a 20-page album in 9" format on the cover rigid. Each additional page costs respectively € 0.49 and € 0.69 depending on the format.

Source: 9to9Google

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