Google Photos, Stories like Instagram: here Memories

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Google Photos, Stories like Instagram: here Memories

Google Photos is adding a feature to encourage remembrance, starting with a new tool that reproposes old photos and videos on the occasion of their anniversaries (recording) in a format that closely resembles the Stories of Instagram. The function, called "Memoirs", has already started to be distributed to users by several hours iOS is Android.

Google Photos: the news

The cameras of our phones continue to improve and users take more and more photos. This represents a challenge for Apple is Google: how to bring out the best moments among the thousands of photos we take every year? iOS 13 has a new intelligent vision, which shows the highlights of people on any day, month or year and now even big G has decided to make some changes to its Photos app to help users rediscover significant photos of their past. It is therefore not surprising that the new function is called memoirs and use the popular "Stories" format: each Memory will be marked with a circular icon like Instagram and by pressing it a collection of shots taken on the same day in past years will be proposed.

Google Photos, Stories like Instagram: here Memories 1The first thing that the Mountain View giant highlights is that even if this function remembers the Stories we see on social networks – how Instagram is Facebook -, the images of Memories are however private. Story-style memories will appear at the top of the user's gallery, above the most recent photos.

We are using machine learning to take care of what appears in Memories, so you don't have to analyze duplicate shots, but you can instead reflect on the best ones, where the photos are of good quality. We understand that you may not want to review all of your memories and for this you will be able to hide certain people or periods of time, as well as having the ability to completely disable this feature.

Google has also announced that the feature will soon include a system for to share the contents, probably integrating one chat.

Finally, big G has declared that in the USA the prints from the app – in 4 x 6 inch format – and you can pick them up at over 11,000 CVS Pharmacy and Walmart stores. The new e printing service is also available in the United States home delivery in various formats.


The semi-random access to old images and the possibility of printing them seems to represent a new way of thinking about photographs, recovering part of their original meaning: the print completes the logical path of this evolution, in an attempt to restore that image to the image which should be: memories (precisely) of a life lived, of emotions felt, of sensations felt.

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