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Google Pixel 2 XL review 1


This is probably one of the analyzes that I want to do the most, both for the device that is the protagonist and for everything that has been discussed. Ah yes, we are talking about Google Pixels. 2 XL, a device that, at least on paper, promises to be one of the most prominent phones this year, competes directly with the other greats on the market. I spent over a week on this phone using it every day, so I definitely think I can give my impression now.

The Big G was concerned with correcting all the little details found in the first generation, which now provides stereo speakers, water resistance, and a better camera. Along with this, several criticisms also arose, especially for the POLED screen made by LG. How true is all this?

Let's see the review!

Technical details of the tested unit

– Google– Pixels 2 XL– Initial state: new
– 3G: 1 / / 2 / / 4 / / 5 / / 8- 4G: 1 / / 2 / / 3 / / 4 / / 5 / / 7 / / 8 / / 12 / / 13 / / 17 / / 20 / 25/26/28/29/30/32/66 – LTE CAT 15- Compatible with paper 4G +, but B28 does not seem to be connected – Operates with Entel, WOM, Movistar and Claro networks
– POLEDADO – Size 6 inches- Resolution QHD + 2880 × 1440– Density 534ppi– Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5
– Pixel printing – Active Edge
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor – Quad core 2.45GHz Kryo + Quad core 1Kryo .9GHz – Graphics processor Adreno 540 – RAM 4GB – Internal storage 64GB – Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 and 5GHz – Bluetooth 5.0- GPS, Assisted GPS, GLONASS – NFC – Stereo speakers – USB Type-C – Lithium-ion battery 3, 520 mAh – Android 8.0 Oreo operating system
– 12.2MP main sensor with f / 1.8 aperture – Phase detection and laser for autofocus – LED flash – 4K 30fps video – Full HD 120/60 / 30fps – 8MP front sensor with f / 2.4 aperture

Design and display

Pixel of the year is an amazing team, with exceptional performance and performance, but by design, for example, quite boring. Giant borders and a bit of innovation in general lead us to think that Google does not want to take risks in this regard, but we all hope that the second generation will be somewhat different. So


Pixel 2 XL maintains its ancestral lineage at the back, preserving the glass and aluminum that is already typical, although now the bottom is covered by other materials to allow greater resistance and, above all, better grip. If we turn on the phone, we realize the first big change: finally there is a small advantage, although there is not.

Google Pixel 2 XL Review 2 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

The edges are visible enough to hold the phone properly, although I am sometimes jealous due to the form factor Galaxy S8 or Note 8for example It is appreciated that the space has been used better and let's take a look at the stereo speakers on the front of that edge.

The ingredients feel perfectly chosen and therefore the phone feels great in your hand. The buttons are very well located and are also of good quality. Yes, it is still a bit awkward to operate with one hand, but nothing is radically different from other high-end markets.

Oh, and waterproof under IP67, you can relax if you fall into a pool or toilet.

Let's talk about the screen.

I imagine many of you have just entered this review to read my opinion on the screen. First: an honor! Pixel 2 XL incorporates a 6.0-inch P-OLED screen with QHD + resolution. Everything sounds good on paper, but has received endless criticism on various topics. Let's go one by one.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 5 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

First, the color chosen by Google to show on the device, at first, was very washed out and was not maintained, there was no doubt about it. Although specialists are convinced that this choice has been made to achieve an image closer to reality, most of our users are upset. This was fixed in the November patch, where new options for more saturated colors were added. In the image you can see the difference between one option and another.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 6 "width =" 750 "height =" 500

On the other hand, initial reports of image retention and screen recording possibilities were accepted. Although this is a common problem with panels of this type, Google also added a protection method to avoid this: the navigation buttons fade after a few seconds and the maximum screen brightness decreases by 50 nits.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 7 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

Perhaps what you hear most often is the famous blue color problem when moving the phone at different angles. Again, this is a feature of OLED displays and we can see the same behavior on the iPhone X. Anyway, let's make it clear that there are some units that show it in a much clearer way than others, that speak ill of the control of quality that Google has had at that time. then this.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 8 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

My experience is pretty good, resulting in a good perspective (not including blue) and a good response to the sun, and a very good tactile response. Is this the best screen on the market? It is not crazy, but this is not garbage as some people call it. This is a decent screen, but it's far from what Samsung has accomplished. Note 8 this year, for example.

✅ New design, but follows the original Pixel line. Well-chosen materials, very good quality and not too slippery✅ Google finally chose a format with a small limit

❌ The screen does not compete with the screen Galaxy S8 or Note 8For example: When you have an OLED screen, you will see blue when you see it from a clear angle. The default settings have very pale colors.


Do you remember how good the Pixel camera was last year? Yes, and it is very difficult for me to believe that Google can implement a big difference in this year's device. Yes, I was really wrong. Although they don't fit in a double-decker car, this is one of the best, if not the best, cameras on the market, both front and main.

Rather than talking about specs and details that nobody cares about, I want you to carefully look at the photos that can be achieved with Pixels 2. Portrait mode works better than any competitive alternative, even one that has two lenses designed to perform this function. .

Google Pixel 2 XL review 9 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

We also have to highlight the great work of doing HDR +, both day and night, because the colors shown in the images are really beautiful, but without departing from the reality of how the landscape is shown to the human eye. I think the easiest thing is to look at the images and realize for yourself.

Ah, the video is also good. Stabilization is not active and actually makes Pixel 2 one of the best options for recording your favorite moments.

Test photo

Test Video

✅ Very fast shutter and portrait focus Portrait mode is great on both cameras ✅ HDR + works really well in tough environments. Night photos are excellent on almost all occasions. Great video stabilization

System and battery

I think the benefits of pure Android have been highlighted enough, but there is no denying that the difference with other manufacturers who choose too much ultra saturated coating. In the two weeks that I used the phone, I have never experienced a delay or delay in opening the app: Pixel 2 fly!

Version 8.0 Oreo has some interesting details that we have reviewed, but the most important thing is the integration of Google Assistant in Spanish After using it for a few days, I have mixed feelings: this is a huge improvement, but it's still a long way from the English version, other than that the voice response still looks like a 90's robot and far from the voice natural that Google wants to send in the short term

Perhaps the most important news at the software level is that you can touch the edge of the cell phone to beg Google Assistant, and strangely it feels very comfortable and natural, which I never thought about before trying it.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 10 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

On the other hand, now we can have a screen always on to show important notifications, time and date. Here are a few things that annoy me: Auto-brightness makes this inconsistent, and animation when the screen is triggered does poorly. I finally disabled it and used Ambient Display in a classic way.


It is very important to me that the phone last a full day of any use. Under this premise, first generation pixels adhere fairly, but are obeyed. Pixel 2 XL experience is different, but forever. Our protagonist's battery is 3520 mAh and this makes me fantastic, as you can see in the test below.

App used: Twitter, Facebook, MessengerGoogle Chrome, Google Now, Spotify, Netflix, Google Keep, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram … among others.
Connected clothing products: Nothing
Active connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), 4G, Bluetooth and GPS (occasionally)
Brightness of the screen: In automatic mode

With this use of pixels 2 XL reaches 1 day 7 hours and 58 minutes of use, this is with 6 The clock is right on the screen.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 11 "width =" 350 "height =" 700

✅ The battery life is very good, especially when the pure idle Android pure phone is the best Android experience, period period Always with the latest updates and Google support

Amb Ambient Display still has many improvements, especially in always on screen mode❌ Google Assistant in Spanish, light years away from the English version

Multimedia and audio

Yes, we already know that Google Play Music is not the best music streaming player or service available, and we also know that the video player that Google integrates natively is very simple (sometimes too much). Of course, all of this has always been offset by Google Photos, which is one of the best services that G has found excellent in recent years.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 12 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

Great miracle? Unlimited backup of all your photos and videos to original content in the cloud, allowing you to free up space (automatically) if necessary. Also, we now find Google Lens, which should recognize everything in the photos you take, but for now I have some consistent results. It is somewhat entertaining to play, but it is far from being a useful tool.


The audio quality via Bluetooth is very good, but nothing from other worlds compared to other high-end markets. The same is true when using a 3.5mm audio adapter, highlighting the high volume level achieved.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 13 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

I tried to get a USB-C earphone to directly test the audio quality of this port, but the truth is not possible given the slight variations that are currently on the market, especially in Chile. After obtaining it, we will update this part of the review.


I'll just say … stereo speakers! Google made the mistake of removing it in pixels before and now it has been implemented in a noble way, they sound very powerful and good, as well as being perfectly positioned to enjoy multimedia content optimally.

✅ Stereo speakers that sound good and the perfect position of Google Photo are lightweight

❌ Google Play Music is not yet a viable video option The video player can accept various options to make it more complete


I think all the noise is generated by the Pixel 2 XL screen theme has overshadowed the extraordinary phone that Google launched this year. I say extraordinary because it ticks all the boxes of what a smartphone requires for me.

We have excellent production quality, stereo speakers, the purest and fastest Android experience, an excellent battery and one of the best, if not the best, cameras on the market. No, we will not realize that it would be ideal to have a Samsung panel and thus make it perfect, but the screen, after the November update, is good and meets what is needed.

Google Pixel 2 XL review 14 "width =" 750 "height =" 563

In my opinion, the full experience is very good, and this phone is worth every peso I pay. Maybe that's the trickiest point, the price, because it's on par with other great cell phones like Galaxy S8 + or iPhone 8 In addition, without a doubt, it is a safer bet for almost all consumers.

Of course, all this noise about Google's quality control has only one cause, and it is Google. Yes, they just did the phone, but all this delayed them to reach their main objective: to fight together Apple In the market where they are kings.


The reference price in Google Store in the United States is USD $ 849. Although Google Pixels 2 XL is not officially available in Chile, our friends at ProMovil have decided to import it for those who do not want to go through the process of bringing it themselves themselves from outside.

Photography: Pedro SeguraModel: Catalina Figueroa

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