Google Pixels 4 will have repair of the main camera

Google Pixels 4 will have repair of the main camera 1

TGoogle Pixel has become a leader in smartphone camera performance. As we anticipate the official launch of Pixel 4, various leaks and rumors have given us a fair idea of ​​what will happen after Google's home. Thanks to initial press reports, we know that this time Pixel will include a two camera settings in a square module

Without a doubt, the Google Pixel series always surprises all Android users with its amazing camera performance and other features. A few days ago Pixel 4 was leaked on a small telegram channel and that only increased curiosity among fans of the Pixel series.


The initial rendering of the press shows that the Pixel 4 device will have two camera setups in a square module which looks quite interesting. As we talk about performance, Pixel 4 phones are expected to provide 8x zoom and advanced improvements for Night vision which will improve the quality of the image in low light.

At the same time, users will also be able to capture fast-moving objects in focus mode, while the background will remain blurry, providing dramatic effect images that are much more similar to independent cameras.

Some render leaks again …

Multiple Pixel Images and Videos 4 The leak appeared again on the internet and gave us some clues about the design of the device. Corresponds to an XDA leaked image, Pixel 4 has a thick top bezel with a selfie camera Soli radar sensor.


pixel 4 whiteSource – XDA

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