Google Play gets serious with apps: 3-day review

by Kelvin
Google Play se pone seria con las aplicaciones: revisión de 3 días

The sieve of Google Play It has always been known for working little or nothing when filtering applications. Any developer can register on the Google platform and publish an application. This will only go through the filters that detect viruses, but not correct functionality or minimum quality. You can literally upload an application that does nothing while it has no malware or virus. It seems that things will change from now on, because Google Play It is sending for review some applications that are trying to publish in the store. This is not good news for developers, but for end users.

Google Play is characterized by not denying entry to anyone. This has made over the years millions of applications in the store and not all of them are interesting. It is something that does not happen in the app store Apple, or at least not as abusively as in Google Play.


More eye for developers: apps can be reviewed

Google Play You are sending a message to certain developers when trying to publish your application on Google Play. What used to be an automatic process that only took a few minutes can now take up to three days. We do not know if at random, but Google Play is sending for review some of the applications that are trying to publish in your store. This review should not determine if an application has malware or not, it will go deeper into the quality and functionality of it.

We do not know how the quality standards have changed to publish an application on Google Play, so we cannot jump for joy at the moment. What is quite clear is that Google has put the batteries so that the New applications in your store meet some essential requirements. If the Google worker determines that it is not a valid application to be on Google Play, he could send a report to the developer to implement a series of changes.

At the moment it is something that is not happening with all the applications or with all the developers that publish in Google Play. It would be quite complicated to perform this review with 100% of the applications published daily, although we like this first Google measure.

Source | XDA