Google Play Pass opens with hundreds of games and paid applications

by Kelvin
Google Play Pass se estrena con cientos de juegos y aplicaciones de pago

Not even two weeks ago we were talking about Google Play Pass. Specifically about his early arrival and It was today when Google has finally launched this premium app service. We already knew its price, but today we have new details when it has been officially presented by Google. At the moment it is available only in the United States, although theoretically it will be launched in many more countries soon. That implies that the price at which this service arrives could be different from that found in that country.

Together with this presentation, we have learned more details about Google’s premium app and game service. Among other things, some of the most interesting games that we find in this service that we are eager to try. As Google tells us, all these titles, both apps and games, do not have advertising or in-app purchases for Google Play Pass users.


Google Play Pass arrives with 350 initial applications that will grow in number

The idea of ​​a paid service that offers us access to a large number of quality games and applications for a single monthly price is quite attractive, although we must bear in mind that All applications that we download while using Google Play Pass will not be saved in our account, that is, they will not be bought. That said, we leave you with the name of the games and apps titles that Google has shown us in the Google Play Pass presentation video:

  • Limbo
  • Touch Nature
  • Old Man’s Journey
  • Terraria
  • Reign: Game of Thrones
  • Monument Valley 2
  • Titan Quest
  • Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic
  • Bridge Constructor Portal
  • Lumino City
  • The Bug Catcher
  • Chameleon Run
  • Wayward souls

Along with these few games, there will be another hundred, but we will not know which ones until we can try Google Play Pass. Anyway, we are supposed to see new games and series added to this service every month. In principle, this service will cost $ 4.99 per month (also supposed to be 4.99 euros), butor during the first year we can pay $ 1.99 / month, although it will be for a limited time. Google Play pass can be shared with up to 6 family members, a point that can be differential for the success of this service that brings hundreds of paid apps to any user.