Google Play Pass, the alternative to Apple Google Arcade for Android devices

by Kelvin
Google Play Pass, the alternative to Apple Google Arcade for Android devices

Google Play Pass, the Google subscription game service

Today the event will be held Apple and beyond the new iPhone and some surprise in hardware issues many hope to meet details of the company's new services. Apple TV + is one of them and the other is Apple Arcadian.


Apple Arcade is a video game service that through a subscription of 4.99 euros per month will allow access to a wide catalog of titles, without integrated purchases and without advertising. This new proposal will be available for both iOS and macOS and tvOS.

Well, Google already knew that he was preparing something similar, but there was no confirmation so far. But we can already say yes, that Google Play Pass is coming Thanks to the tweet itself that the company has published on its official Google Play profile.

Release hoyeste tweet is not something accidental, Google knows the importance and coverage that will be given to the event of Apple. Therefore, take advantage to make some noise, get some attention and that the company of the apple does not make headlines is important.

Still, not much data is known or what exactly Google’s proposal will offer. According to leaks the price would be identical, 4.99 euros per month, but what games will it include? That is a great mystery, because the catalog of games for Android is not as wide as that of iOS. Although if it serves to filter all the existing backpack in the Play Store it would already make sense for all those who play regularly in their Android terminals.

Likewise, with Stadia just around the corner, this seems more like a move to offer something similar and look like they are falling behind. Although, as we say, with Stadia nearby being able to play more demanding titles from any screen is more interesting.

Go for gaming services via subscription

With Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass and what other important companies like Microsoft will offer or offer, you might think there is no place for more actors, but it is not. GameClub is another proposal which was already announced, without many details, in the month of March.

The positive and interesting part of this other option is that it does not focus on a single platform but will allow you to play a series of titles on both iOS and Android. Also that you can play without an internet connection, although from time to time you will have to validate that you still have your subscription active.

In short, with so much subscription service we can complain about the final amount that will have to be paid if you want to have several, but not of the leisure options that will exist in the market. Let's see which one manages to convince more users.

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