Google Play revolutionizes ratings: rate without leaving the app

by Kelvin
Google Play revolutionizes ratings: rate without leaving the app

Google Play revolutionizes ratings: rate without leaving the app

Surely more than once you have encountered this situation: you install an ap and the developer asks you to value it on Google Play. This process is a bit cumbersome since you have to leave the app to go to the Android store; After returning to the application. So, why not do the whole process with a system similar to in-app purchases?

Since 9to5Google they have run into the demonstration that Google is preparing a new valuation system for the Play store. Although it is a test, the system is in an advanced development phase. And it looks very good: value without abandoning applications Not only will it be more comfortable for the user, it will also allow the developer to earn stars and comments.


We can assess and comment on the applications with a kind of popup in the apps we use

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The new rating system It is interesting thanks to its comfort: staying in the application should imply a greater willingness to write down what we think about the apps we tested. This will result in the quality of Google Play as it would favor a greater relationship between downloading an app and its valuation. After all, how many times do we not close the suggestion to value just for not having to go to Google Play?

The new valuation system would be integrated into apps so that the developer could launch it and thus ask for feedback from its users. These would only have to leave the stars; and, in the case of wanting to broaden the opinion, they could also make a comment. All through a clean, fast process that would not close the application to value at any time.

How has it corroborated 9to5Google, this new valuation system is very advanced, both in terms of functionality and graphic integration in the rest of the elements of Google Play. We do not know when the developers can use it, but it surely does not take too many months. The problem is that, taking advantage that it will be much easier to assess, surely we will constantly see those popups in the applications. Hopefully Google will stop the abuse of the function.

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