Google Play Store : the dark mode is being deployed, how to take advantage of it?

by Kelvin
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Google is deploying a server update from the Play Store including the arrival of dark mode. As in its other applications, Google has instead chosen a gray background than totally black. It is not normally necessary to update your Play Store to enjoy it.


The Google Play Store has a new Google update on the server side. This time, it is to activate the dark mode of the application. A dark mode that Google is gradually deploying on all applications of the suite G Suite – the latest to benefit were Google and Gmail. It activates via application preferences and / or system preferences if you are running Android 10.

Google Play Store : dark mode arrives via an update

As always, Google has chosen a very dark gray as the background color of its menus and navigation bars rather than black. A bias that has the advantage of reducing the contrast between the background and the text which is it in a light gray, for a better visual comfort. Some items like the search bar are in an intermediate gray. The accent colors are also more discreet than in the light mode.

As always they correspond to a type of content on the Play Store: green for applications, red for movies and series, and blue for books. In addition to visual comfort, this theme is particularly adapted to smartphones OLED screen. To take advantage of this update of the Play Store, no action is normally required, since the essential takes place on the server side.

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Deployment is still in progress, which means that the change can occur anytime in the next few days. However, some users on Reddit report that users have noticed the activation of dark mode after manually upgrading to version 16.7.21 on Android 10. This is why we offer a direct link to the APK of this version :

Google Play Store 16.7.21 on APKMirror

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