Automatic video playback on the Internet is one of those functions that creates a lot disparity of opinions in the web. This makes websites can broadcast content for you regardless of what the user is looking for and the last to add this feature will be the Android app store, Google Play Store.


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Google has indicated on its website that soon enable automatic playback of videos in Google Play Store. It will do this September 2019 and the reason is none other than to help users discover quality content at a glance, without the need to interact with the application.

What's good and bad about automatic playback in the Play Store?

As we have already indicated, videos that play automatically are a nuisance for many users and something good for others. Yes it is true that a video that plays automatically is more likely to be seen but sometimes the user does not want that video to play. In turn, we cannot forget that these videos of Google Play Store are stored in YouTube and thanks to this YouTube you will see your usage statistics increased.

The bad thing about automatic video playback is that it sometimes becomes very annoying, because of that sound that suddenly comes out of the mobile without you touching anything. That is the reason why many browsers have been forced to notify the user of which tab the sound is coming out, so that they can identify it quickly and cancel it.

But without a doubt, the most damaging part of the automatic playback is neither the annoying sound nor that the user has to see content without having chosen it. The big problem of using automatic playback is the amount of mobile data spent. Well, in many countries the amount of mobile data that the rates of the telephone operators have are usually too scarce and that makes this data spend too quickly. That is the main reason why it should be possible to disable this function in certain circumstances.

At this time it is not yet known whether Google will have the possibility of disabling this option or not, but we hope, for the sake of some users, that it will. It's funny that this change comes after Apple You have also enabled it in the iOS App Store.

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