If there is one thing to put in the face of the Google application store is the large number of malicious apps that cohabit in it, A fear for the vast majority of Android users. The problem is that any developer can upload a new application and see it published within a few hours, provided that Google's automatic systems do not detect any errors in the code. This could change relatively.


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From Google they have informed that they will make a more exhaustive review of some specific applications. The company has sent a message in which it warns that for certain developer accounts it will take more time to study the apps in depth, and thus help to better protect users. This additional time could be delayed up to three days, so that developers should keep that in mind if they plan to launch on a specific day. In this case, to avoid a delay, it would be best to launch the app first and with time on the alpha channel, so that at the time of receiving the approval you can make the normal publication.

A developer who is not satisfied with this change is Choice of Games, who recently published a new title on the Play Store that took longer than expected to be approved by Google. As we say, it can take up to 3 days. Developers may not like the longest review period, and the new rules make it difficult for them to promote the exact launch date of a new application or update. However, if this serves to prevent Google Play from flooding with malicious applications, it will be worth it for all users who fear Android malware.

Despite this, from tuexpertoapps we always advise you to take into account a number of things before downloading an application from the Google app store. One of them is that it comes from a trusted developer. Avoid those apps with low score or the ones you see with negative comments. Similarly, if in doubt, check before installing the comments of other users and their opinion. All this is very important to prevent your mobile from becoming infected.

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