Google Play will play the videos of the app tabs automatically

by Kelvin
Google Play

In Google Play, within the application tabs, videos can be placed. Many developers upload videos in which they show a trailer of their game or explain what their application consists of. When we want to watch this video, we are the users who have to click on it, so that the reproduction will begin.


It is in this field where we can expect changes in the application store. From this month of September, the videos within the applications and games tabs on Google Play They will play automatically. It is a change that is official and is already unfolding in it.

This is something voluntary, since not all developers upload videos of their games or applications on Google Play. But it is a change that many do not quite understand. Google invites it, because it looks like a more attractive and interesting way of show everything that application or game can do.

Google Play Store

The idea behind this may be interesting, but from Google they forget about data consumption. Videos are uploaded from YouTube, which is how they reproduce too, with the consequent consumption of data for the user who sees it from their Android phone. This is the part that generates the most complaints.

In addition, it has not been clarified so far if it is possible to disable automatic playback of videos on Google Play. Presumably so, so that each user can use the most comfortable option in their case. But it is not known what the final decision of the company will be in this regard.

Google Play will play the videos of the app tabs automatically 2

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A change of importance in Google Play, which is generating enough controversy already. On the one hand it is something that can be interesting to better announce an application or a game, but that the reproduction is automatic and the possibility that it cannot be deactivated, is something that causes doubts. We hope Google will shed some more light on the issue about this new measure.

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