Google powers its app for students with AI functions

by Kelvin
Google powers its app for students with AI functions

Google announces interesting improvements in Socratic, its app dedicated to student learning.

Google has many educational tools and resources. And to these, is added Socratic, a learning app that was acquired last year and now improved with artificial intelligence functions.


The dynamics app is very simple. Users can ask questions using the mobile microphone or taking a picture of the problem. The algorithms analyze the concepts raised in the question and present different contents in the results, from articles to videos.

And all this content is presented in a way that is easy for students to analyze. For example, those students who need a step-by-step explanation can resort to small lessons to assimilate the contents.

Following this dynamic, students can have a personalized search engine for their homework. The app also offers guides for more than 1000 topics on biology, algebra, geography, etc., which has been prepared with the help of experts and educators. This is an important update of the app, which initially worked with a dynamic question and answer.

Now it is a complete educational tool to take into account both homework and exam preparation. At the moment, the app is only available for users on iOS but they promise to take it to Android in the coming months.

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