Google promises to exterminate spam in the Google Calendar App!

by Kelvin
Google promises to exterminate spam in the Google Calendar App!

Since June, thousands of users of the Google Calendar app have been the victims of constant spam 'attacks', with dozens of fake event invitations created by hackers.

Clearly, these invitations contained malicious links for fraudulent purposes. Unfortunately, many less attentive users have fallen for these scams, seeing their privacy endangered.


Google finally announces that it is working on a resolution to this problem!

Several months later, the company became aware of this vulnerability and revealed that it is working on its resolution to ensure security in Google Calendar again.

Scammers have taken advantage of a standard Gmail setting that allows automatic creation of events from incoming email. As long as emails contain detailed event information, even if considered as spam, an event is created in Google Calendar.

How to avoid receiving these fraudulent events on Google Calendar

There is currently only one way to avoid this, and to ensure the security of your personal information. This requires disabling automatic event creation in Gmail. However, this temporary solution may be extremely inconvenient for many users, who use this feature to keep their calendar updated automatically.

Moreover, this solution will not guarantee the total extinction of these events, as so-called scammers can send invitations directly to each user. The only option in these cases is to even mark the event as spam and eliminate it immediately.

No doubt it is with good eyes that we see Google take on this security hole and work on a resolution. However, it is hard to see why it took so long to do so.

Certainly it will only take a few days to get things back to normal, and spam events in the Google Calendar app will be a thing of the past.

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