Google removed "CamScanner" from its store for having malware

by Kelvin
Google removed "CamScanner" from its store for having malware 1

Google removed "CamScanner" from its store for having malware 2

CamScanner was removed from the Google Play Store after detecting the presence of malware. The security firm Kaspersky Labs detected a malicious code in the notices within the recent version of the software for Android

Like many other apps, CamScanner is a free download software with ads. It was considered legitimate and safe, but Kaspersky Labs researchers detected that recent versions contain a module known as Trojan Dropper, a malware that installs intrusive warnings and malicious warnings.


The CamScanner version for iPhone was also affected by malware, and the app's developer said they have updated the new version without the malicious code.

"The announcement development kit was provided by an external firm called AdHub and was reported to contain a malicious module that generates unsolicited advertising notices. We have taken action against AdHub and will soon launch a new version," CamScanner confirmed in a statement.

After Kaspersky's report, Google took CamScanner from the Play Store for Android, a popular application that had been downloaded more than 100 million times until today.

"Official stores like the Play Store are usually considered safe. But this case shows us that the measures may be insufficient, even for moderators of a company the size of Google," said researchers at the IT security firm.

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